Arizona has long been known as a paradise for retirees. But what is it really like to grow old in the Grand Canyon State? In this podcast, reporter Kathy Ritchie explores the ups and downs of growing old. Each episode takes a fresh look at important issues affecting the state's aging population.

Growing Old LGBT

Bill and Dean
Bill Sabatino (left) and Dean Taylor share a photo of the two of them before Sabatino's Parkinson's diagnosis.

As we age, we may have to rely more on other people. But for many older adults who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, the idea of relying on family for support, or of putting your trust in strangers can be complicated or painful. In this episode, Kathy Ritchie explores the financial challenges, discrimination, and emotional traumas that many older LGBT people face.

Kathy Ritchie
Katherine Davis-Young