Aging & InAccessible

Arizona is known as a paradise for retirees. What is it really like to grow old in the Grand Canyon State? In this podcast series, reporter Kathy Ritchie explores the ups and downs of growing old by taking a fresh look at important issues affecting the state's aging population.

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InAccessible: It's All About the Money (and Healthcare)

Marcos Castillo and Nina Lopez
Marcos Castillo and his longtime girlfriend Nina Lopez hold off on marriage in order to keep Marcos' health insurance.

As the COVID19 pandemic continues, millions of Americans have found themselves without work, and people with disabilities have been hit especially hard. In this episode, Zoie Simon searches for a new job in the midst of worldwide economic uncertainty. Meanwhile, host Andrea Pasquale explores some of the options and protections for unemployed people with disabilities. How secure is Arizona's disability safety net?


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Jaye McAuliffe
Jaye McAuliffe