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Fran Cohen

Aging & InAccessible

This podcast series takes a fresh look at important and often under-reported issues affecting people in Arizona who are aging and those living with a disability. Meet some unique individuals, hear their stories and understand more about organizations that are dedicated to helping them make the most of their lives.

Dan Bannick

Becoming A Veteran

All veterans have one thing in common: service in the military. There are aspects of military life that can make it difficult for some to adapt once they have completed their service and it’s not necessarily what most people think. With a unique perspective as a fellow veteran, producer Scott Bourque examines the root cause of those issues in this series.

Michael Smith


Phoenix — America's hottest and fastest-growing big city — is on the frontlines in the fight against drought, extreme heat, and wildfire. We bring you stories of how these global problems affect real Arizonans, and what is being done to solve them.  

Chanel Sinclair

UnAffordable and UnSheltered

Are homelessness, and affordable housing in Arizona connected? Housing in the Phoenix area has become hard to afford. However, it's often the institutional barriers that keep people homeless. UnSheltered and UnAffordable podcasts explore the obstacles that can make surviving and thriving in the Valley a challenge.
Mural in downtown Phoenix

State of the Arts Arizona

State of the Arts Arizona focuses on how arts nonprofits are connecting with us no matter what the circumstances. This podcast series is supported by Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust.

Christopher Cuellar

Education Cliff

Arizona can't recruit enough qualified teachers or replace the ones that retire. Can community colleges and other organizations help keep Arizona students from falling off the education cliff? This podcast series is supported by F2 Family Foundation, Rio Salado College, and Intel.