Phoenix — America's hottest and fastest-growing big city — is on the frontlines in the fight against drought, extreme heat, and wildfire. We bring you stories of how these global problems affect real Arizonans, and what is being done to solve them.

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InHospitable Episode 2: Phoenix City Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari

Phoenix City Councilwoman Yassamin

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Phoenix-area-raised Yassamin Ansari worked on climate issues as a policy advisor at the United Nations before she became the youngest woman ever elected to the Phoenix City Council in 2021. InHospitable host Anthony Wallace spoke with her at the Hear Arizona studios about how she got involved in climate action through a desire to help refugees, how Phoenix’s reputation among some as the “world’s least sustainable city” has shifted, and how she and other leaders are looking to make a cooler and carbon-neutral Phoenix through planting trees and promoting biking, public transit, and electric vehicles. 

InHospitable Episode 1: Heat

Michael Smith

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In Phoenix, the temperature is climbing and heat deaths are rising. Hear from the people most vulnerable to heat (elderly and homeless) and the experts fighting to help them. Plus, meet neighborhood activists who reveal how heat exposes systemic inequality and learn what heat-beating innovations are on the horizon.