Becoming A Veteran

All veterans have one thing in common: service in the military. There are aspects of military life that can make it difficult for some to adapt once they have completed their service and it’s not necessarily what most people think. With a unique perspective as a fellow veteran, producer Scott Bourque examines the root cause of those issues in this series.

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The Veterans' Experience from a Woman’s Perspective

Jessica Morel

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This episode features a special panel discussion on women veterans. Hosted by journalist and veteran Scott Bourque, female veterans from three different branches of service, share their military experiences.


Zoom Panel on Female Veterans​​​​​​​

Top Row: 3rd from left Captain Signa Oliver (U.S. Army veteran), 4th from left Scott Bourque (Veteran and Hear Arizona Producer), 5th from left Lauren Gilger (Co-host of KJZZ's The Show)
Bottom Row : 1st on left Jessica Morel (U.S. Army veteran), 3rd from left Joanna Sweatt (U.S. Marine Corps veteran)

Becoming a Veteran: Veterans In Politics

Aaron Marquez - a Major in the Army Reserve

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Through the years, some political leaders have had a military background which they find to be a perfect extension of their service. Is it because of the oath they took...their belief in serving the greater good.  Producer and veteran Scott  Bourque speaks with Army Reserve Major Aaron Marquez, a Major in the Army Reserve, member of the Phoenix Union High School District governing board, and leader of the political activist group VetsForward. Listen in as he reveals the untapped power of veterans and how their engagement in political activism can benefit our community. 

You Don't Look Disabled

Dustin Logan, U.S. Army

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When Americans visualize one of the 4.3 million veterans with disabilities, they're likely picturing someone with a missing limb or someone who uses a wheelchair. In fact, though, most veterans with disabilities have so-called "invisible disabilities": hearing loss, mental health disorders, migraines, and joint problems top the list. In this episode, we spoke with some disabled veterans to learn about the challenging bureaucratic process to get their disabilities recognized by the government, and how they handle living in a society that sometimes doesn't recognize their trauma.

Becoming A Veteran: A Conversation With Capt. Oliver

Capt. Singa Oliver

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Meet Captain Signa Oliver. She served in the Army Artillery in the 1980s before working as a Phoenix Police officer. She then went to law school and commissioned back into the Army as a prosecutor in the Judge Advocate General Corps. Oliver was one of the 10-15% of soldiers who were women. In this episode, producer Scott Bourque spoke with Capt. Oliver about what it means to be a woman in a heavily male-dominated institution.


Dan Bannick

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There is a shared military service experience that has an effect on each person who serves. Only 10% of military personnel ever fire weapons in combat; it can be the other aspects of military life that make a stronger impact.  Veteran and producer Scott Bourque will introduce you to Arizona veterans who share their struggles and their triumphs as they adapt to society once they are out of the service.