Aging & InAccessible

What is it really like to grow old in the Grand Canyon State? Is Arizona still a paradise for retirees? The "Aging" podcast series explores the ups and downs of growing old and explores important issues affecting the state's elderly.

And, in the "InAccessible" podcast series, hear stories of people with disabilities and organizations making the state more accessible.

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Aging: Growing Old in Arizona Prisons

Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Re-entry
Photo courtesy of Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Re-entry

Prisons aren't designed to accommodate the aging. Think about it: there are stairs, narrow doorways, long corridors, and bunk beds. About 1 in 4 inmates in Arizona prisons is aged 55 plus, and the ACLU estimates nearly half of all inmates over 50 have a chronic health condition. All of this is in a system that doesn't provide constitutionally adequate healthcare. In this episode, Nathan Collins explores the difficulties older prisoners face while incarcerated and what advocates of criminal-justice reform are doing to help.

Nathan Collins
Lindsey Riley