Aging & InAccessible

What is it really like to grow old in the Grand Canyon State? Is Arizona still a paradise for retirees? The "Aging" podcast series explores the ups and downs of growing old and explores important issues affecting the state's elderly.

And, in the "InAccessible" podcast series, hear stories of people with disabilities and organizations making the state more accessible.

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Period, The End Episode 5: Menopause And The Workplace

Tamsen Fadal, credit: Jenny Moloney
Tamsen Fadal, credit: Jenny Moloney

We know many women will experience menopausal symptoms, and they don’t just happen at home. Tamsen Fadal, an Emmy-Award winning TV journalist and now menopause advocate, talks about navigating those symptoms at work. We’ll also hear from Dr. Jewel Kling, a professor of medicine and chair of the division of Women's Health Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Kathy Ritchie
Lindsey Riley