State of the Arts Arizona

Local arts and culture groups entertain us, connect our communities, and help attract new businesses and residents to Arizona. Nonprofit arts organizations were in a precarious situation before the virus altered our world. Now, they are adapting to new methods of providing services while trying to remain relevant. State of the Arts Arizona focuses on how arts nonprofits are connecting with us no matter what the circumstances. This podcast series is supported by Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust.

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Episode 1: Arts off Pointe

Even in the best of times, arts organizations sometimes struggled to stay afloat, despite their significant economic and cultural impact. The upheaval of 2020 has forced them to adapt to a world where revenue is even less stable than before, and even their most basic mission could be unsafe. Leaders of some major local arts nonprofits share their insights on the state of the arts in Arizona. 


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Scott Bourque