State of the Arts Arizona

Local arts and culture groups entertain us, connect our communities, and help attract new businesses and residents to Arizona. Nonprofit arts organizations were in a precarious situation before the virus altered our world. Now, they are adapting to new methods of providing services while trying to remain relevant. State of the Arts Arizona focuses on how arts nonprofits are connecting with us no matter what the circumstances. This podcast series is supported by Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust.

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Episode 5: The Value of Art

Mesa Arts Center
Mesa Arts Center
Anthony J. Wallace

What is the value of art? Is it merely a nice add-on, luxury or past-time? Or is it truly valuable and maybe essential for a thriving and healthy life and society? In the United Kingdom, research revealing the surprisingly strong link between arts participation and health outcomes has led doctors there to prescribe cultural activities as medicine. In this episode, we hear from Arizonans benefiting from the healing power of art—from veterans doing glass art to people dancing with dementia—and the researchers and advocates supporting them. Arizona may be on the precipice of an art scene breakthrough, and America on the verge of a groundbreaking union between healthcare and arts.


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Anthony J. Wallace