State of the Arts Arizona

Local arts and culture groups entertain us, connect our communities, and help attract new businesses and residents to Arizona. Nonprofit arts organizations were in a precarious situation before the virus altered our world. Now, they are adapting to new methods of providing services while trying to remain relevant. State of the Arts Arizona focuses on how arts nonprofits are connecting with us no matter what the circumstances. This podcast series is supported by Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust.

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Episode 6: The Violet Protest

Violet Protest project
Nearly 10,000 squares, created by people all over the country, are on display at the Phoenix Art Museum. Most of them are in this U.S. stack, for us and the United States. (Photos by Bill Timmerman, Timmerman Photography)
Anthony J. Wallace

How can art make community out of conflict, and help us see the world with a little more color and empathy? Throughout this tumultuous past year in American history, Arizona artist Ann Morton has led a decidedly non-radical protest: “The Violet Protest.” She, and thousands of collaborators from all 50 states, wove opposing colors—blue and red—together to make a harmonious whole. In this episode, we dive into that project and the larger issue of division and political polarization. We’ll hear from a political scientist, philosopher of art, museum CEO, and several everyday people that have experienced the protest in person at the Phoenix Art Museum.


Anthony J. Wallace