UnAffordable and UnSheltered

Are homelessness, and affordable housing in Arizona connected? Housing in the Phoenix area has become hard to afford. However, it's often the institutional barriers that keep people homeless. UnSheltered and UnAffordable podcasts explore the obstacles that can make surviving and thriving in the Valley a challenge.

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UnAffordable: Dorothy Finds A Home

Dorothy Brandt
Dorothy Brandt
Madison Mulvihill

Arizona real estate is at a premium and rental rates are skyrocketing. Those facts led homeless shelters and affordable housing to experience growing wait lists. The people on those lists are desperately trying to find a safe place to stay when their only alternative is living on the streets or in their cars. How does it feel to finally be placed in affordable housing? In this episode, meet 54-year-old Dorothy Brandt as she shares her journey, and how she got to where she is today. 

Madison Mulvihill