UnAffordable and UnSheltered

Are homelessness, and affordable housing in Arizona connected? Housing in the Phoenix area has become hard to afford. However, it's often the institutional barriers that keep people homeless. UnSheltered and UnAffordable podcasts explore the obstacles that can make surviving and thriving in the Valley a challenge.

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UnAffordable: Moving On

Tempe Mayor Corey Woods
Tempe Mayor Corey Woods
Madison Mulvihill

A lot has changed in Arizona’s housing market since UnAffordable was published in 2019.  Two years later, Arizona's issues still include housing shortages, and now, more acute unaffordability. Hear how nonprofits and coalitions dedicated to helping Arizonans trying to find a decent place to live have experienced difficulties and success.  Plus, Tempe Mayor Corey Woods shares his personal struggle finding a home and his city's plans for developing affordable housing. 

Madison Mulvihill