UnAffordable and UnSheltered

Are homelessness, and affordable housing in Arizona connected? Housing in the Phoenix area has become hard to afford. However, it's often the institutional barriers that keep people homeless. UnSheltered and UnAffordable podcasts explore the obstacles that can make surviving and thriving in the Valley a challenge.

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UnAffordable: Unavailable and Unattainable

Save the Family Foundation
Madison Mulvihill

The moratorium on evictions has ended, and there's a housing shortage with no end in sight. On top of that, median home prices in Arizona have increased to the point that even some dual-income middle-class families are struggling. So, where does that leave those who cannot afford rent or a mortgage?  Even as waiting lists grow for shelters, transitional housing, and affordable housing, there is hope. In this episode, learn about the challenges and housing possibilities for Arizona's extreme low-income individuals and families. 

Madison Mulvihill